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About us

VIP Rent A Car Services

Our teams of expertise have dedicated their efforts to satisfy your needs and wants. No matter what the occasion is, we assure you find your choice of cars among our outstanding car collection.

:: Daily and Weekly Rentals

Select from our wide range of affordable vehicles!  We provide you with effective and efficient variety of vehicles that suits your pocket space. All our rental services are personalized and tailored in accordance to your taste in cars; they are famous for special corporate rates, weekend and commercial vehicles rental services. We give special rates for companies and the government departments.

:: Short – Long Term Lease ( 1 month to 4 years )

Why spend your life driving one type of automobile, when you are able to experience different car engine sounds? Whether your needs are personal or corporate-oriented, you can take advantage of our short and long term rental policies.

VIP Rent A Car provides you with flexible and convenient possibilities:

Modern, Classic & Sport Cars

Monthly rental Fees

No yearly registration hassle

Free maintenance and replacement vehicles

No finance or hidden costs

Commercial vehicle rental services

Dedicated lease coordinators

For more information about our long term lease please contact us at  info@viprentacar.com.bh

:: Fleet Management

Should your needs extend into full fleet management, we will cover you. VIP Rent A Car, our staff are ready to provide you and your business with tailored support to meet your transportation needs through quality, time and cost effective solutions.